San Gemini Preservation Studies 

June 2018

The SGPS program took place over one month in San Gemini, Umbria, Italy.

Students were lectured about building conservation history, methods and techniques including safety training, chemical compositions and reactions of commonly used masonry, and the geographical and social evolution of Umbria and beyond. 

As part of the program, students also restored a 13th century church facade, performing chiseling, preparing and applying mortar, preparing and applying poultice, using a micro-engraver and sandblasting.

Additionally, students had to analyze a separate building in the town, document its history, and produce ten drawings. 

I received the highest grade, A for both of my final submissions: an essay on restoration methods performed on the church facade, and the essay and drawings on the assigned building. The evaluation can be viewed by clicking on the pdf button. 

What have I written about the experience:

national trsut_edited.jpg